Miniaturized magnetic levitation artificial heart

Corheart 6 Left Ventricular Assist System

Miniaturized magnetic levitation artificial heart

Corheart 6 Left Ventricular Assist System

Product Description

The Corheart® 6 implantable Left Ventricular Assist System is a miniature implantable circulatory support system for the treatment of end-stage heart failure. The weight of the Corheart® 6 blood pump is only 90 g, which is the smallest and lightest implantable fully magnetically levitated LVAD in the current world.

On the basis of not affecting the original ejection channel of the heart, the Corheart 6 implantable left ventricular assist system builds an auxiliary flow channel to let the blood flow from the left ventricle into the Corheart 6 pump through the inlet pipe. The blood is pushed out through the outlet pipe by the centrifugal force and finally flows into the ascending aorta through the artificial blood vessel, thus assisting the blood circulation of the patient.

Implantation of blood pump inlet tube into left ventricle

The outlet pipe of the pump is connected to the aorta through a prothesis.

The blood pump pumps blood from the left ventricle to the aorta through artificial blood vessels, providing sufficient cardiac output for patients with heart failure and improving blood circulation

The blood pump is powered by an external battery or power adapter

Small size and light weight

Good hemocompatibility

Low power consumption



Small weight of the extracorporeal part for daily carry

Patients need to carry the extracorporeal controller after imlantation. The weight of the controller and two small batteries is only 800g, which has little impact on daily life.


Less constraints on freedom of movement

As the patients recover, they can carry out most of their daily activities, such as walking, taking a shower, riding a bicycle, and travel. ​


Easy drug management

Only a small amount of postoperative drugs needs to be taken , which are mainly anticoagulant drugs and the cost was relatively low. ​






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